Pivot with Joy – An online course for both moms with kids at home and empty nesters - Pivot with Joy – An online course for both moms with kids at home and empty nesters -

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Pivot with Joy – An online course for both moms with kids at home and empty nesters

September 25 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Designed For Moms

Chart Your Next Path

Beyond the Chaos – discover you
Are you a mother feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and longing for something more in life beyond child-rearing? We understand your challenges and are here to support you on your self-discovery journey. Our workshop is designed for mothers with kids 16 years old and below who yearn to reclaim their identity and create space for themselves. Whether you’re considering reentering the workforce, finding balance, or finding a hobby, our program equips you with the essential tools to navigate this transformative journey. Discover clarity, forge meaningful connections, and summon the courage to identify and pursue ‘what’s next’ in your life. It’s time to embark on an expedition that will empower you to embrace the boundless possibilities that await. Join us on this remarkable adventure today.
Discover what’s beyond the nest

Life transitions, huh? They’re a wild ride. The house may feel eerily quiet now, your nest feels too spacious, and the landscape of your life has shifted dramatically. Your children’s departure into their own lives may have left you feeling untethered, like a ship adrift without a compass.   You’re not alone. This “empty nest” stage is a significant transition that many parents face. But each change and turning page brings the opportunity for incredible growth and a new chapter of self-discovery.   We’re excited to introduce the Empty Nester Expedition Workshop, crafted specifically for you – the brave empty nester ready to chart a new course full of clarity, courage, and meaning.   Through the workshop, we provide practical tools and supportive guidance to help you explore your deepest desires and confront any lingering fears.

Mothers Expedition Workshop

  • Online & Self-paced

    Fun instructional videos and worksheets available in digital or printed formats to be completed at your own timing

  • To Dig Deep

    Discover your future, connect with your needs, and overcome obstacles with the help of valuable tools. Each session contains a fun instructional video with supporting worksheets to be completed at your own pace and time.

  • On Your Own Or In A Group

    Embrace this journey alone or with one to 3 of your friends

    To get started – click on the link below!



A percentage of these proceeds will be donated to Women Hold the Key!





Women Hold the Key
Cindy Scheer of Working Mothers Evolution

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