We are a small, women founded, women run and women led working-board non-profit that reaches women globally.

What did we do in 2022?

  • Monthly online global meetings for 10 months in 2022 – free to attend & each of our special guests have been given an honorarium for their time.
  • Monthly Female Founders Forum meetings – 44 meeting opportunities in 2022 for our paid members.
  • International Women’s Day – March 8th 2022 – for 220+ women free of charge & supporting 20+ individual women in business!
  • FUry Festival – August 13th 2022 – for 250+ folks attending with a suggested donation & supporting 30+ individual women in business (artists, musicians, chef’s, small business owners, etc.) We were, thanks to sponsorship, able to donate ALL proceeds ($2500) from the event to Planned Parenthood of Spokane!
  • Spring event for women – free to attend. 40+ women – many business owners – gathered to support each other and embed in community at The Country Store & Farm.
  • Our sister social enterprise business – Josei Kagi – opened Synergy Vashon in October – a place for women to work in community. 

MISSION: Women Hold the Key creates powerful communities where women thrive. 

VISION: Women hold the key to connection – through gatherings, celebrations, support and learning together.

VALUES: Compassion, Connection, Courage, Respect, Resilience, Intergenerationality & honoring The Goddess in us all!